I30 Encoder – Fine Resolution in a Compact & Robust Enclosure

I30 Encoder – Fine Resolution in a Compact & Robust Enclosure

Lika Electronic offers a comprehensive range of miniature rotary encoders with diameters from 28 mm (1.1 inch) to 40 mm (1.4 inch) for feedback applications in constricted spaces. It includes both encoder types – incremental and absolute – with optical and magnetic technology and is designed to meet many and varied industrial applications in light to harsh environmental conditions. A selection of very compact modular encoders for motor feedback is also available.

Among the latest innovations in the range is the new I30 general purpose incremental encoder. It combines robustness with fine resolution and provides versatility and performance required by a large number of industrial applications. This optical encoder comes in a robust metal enclosure with 30 mm (1.18”) diameter pilot flange and 5 mm (0.197”) or 6 mm (0.236”) solid shaft. I30 meets the requirements of IP54 protection level as a standard but it is also available with reinforced IP65 protection. Position information is provided in square wave format via Push-Pull, Line Driver and Universal output circuits. Both cable and cable+M12 connector connection options can be supplied.

Its miniature dimensions allow the I30 to be installed in industrial applications where space is especially tight, such as factory automation, electromedical installations, packaging lines, and textile machines.

Download the datasheet for complete technical specifications.

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