PGF Flexible Coupling Extends Its Range!

PGF Flexible Coupling Extends Its Range!

PGF, the best-selling double loop coupling from Lika Electronic, has extended its range of bore diameters from 6 mm (0.236”) – 10 mm (0.39”).

PGF is a double loop-type flexible coupling and is among the most successful and popular couplings offered. The thermoplastic loops and metal hubs with grub screws allow for exceptional flexibility in all three directions: radial (±2.5 mm, ±0.098”), angular (±6°) and axial (±4.5 mm, ±0.177”). Thus, PGF is ideal to compensate for very large misalignment and displacement. Thanks to the polymer elements, this coupling is also suitable for applications where thermal and electrical insulation between the shafts, as well as good shock and vibration damping are desirable. Furthermore, it is capable of very quiet, smooth and frictionless operation even at high rotational speed (max. 3000 rev/min).

With the addition of the new variety of bore sizes, Lika can offer specific solutions for a wider spectrum of coupling applications. Among the recommended uses: encoders, light power drives, pumps, small generators and many more. The whole range of the available bore diameters is summarized in the table (all in stock):

PGF bore sizes

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