SMR5H incremental encoder for inner arcs

SMR5H incremental encoder for inner arcs

SMR5H is an incremental encoder specifically engineered for installation on the inner side of arcs from 176 mm / 7” min. diameter and up. It offers large mounting tolerances and a variety of custom resolutions to meet specific applications.

Key Features
• Specifically designed for inner arcs from 176 mm / 7” min. diameter and up
• Incremental digital signals with Push-Pull and Line Driver output circuits
• Reference signal and two diagnostic LEDs
• Rugged enclosure and IP67 protection rate

SMR5H is compact, has a shallow profile (15 mm / 0.59” depth) and, even better, is curved-shaped; so it can fit into arcs with constrained and tight mounting space (such as inside the enclosure of a torque motor) and guarantees quickness and ease of installation. It is contactless and encompasses a robust magnetic technology fully integrated into a rugged and hermetically encapsulated housing with IP67 protection rate. Thus, it is ideally suited for operation in aggressive industrial environments and provides virtually wear & maintenance-free service life under tough conditions affected by dirt, moisture, oil, vibrations and shocks.

The sensor generates square wave signals with inverted signals through either Push-Pull (HTL) +10-30Vdc or Line Driver (TTL) +5Vdc ±5% output circuits. Resolutions are on request and can be customized according to individual specifications.

Additionally, SMR5H is equipped with built-in sensor to provide the Reference signal. It also has two integral LEDs to signal power on status and reference sensing. The lateral cable outlet allows to save space and increase convenience.

Lika Electronic develops all-in-one measuring systems with incremental or absolute encoders and custom curved structures on request. Contact us today!

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