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About Us

Since its inception in 1982, Lika Electronic has continued to develop and manufacture high quality incremental and absolute, optical and magnetic, rotary and linear encoders, rotary actuators, displays, signal converters and encoder interfaces. Through a longstanding North American partnership with Hymark Ltd. in Owensboro, KY and dedicated sales offices in Columbus, OH, Lika Electronic maintains an efficient distribution network, excellent customer service and technical support for strengthening its role as a global leader in the encoders and position measurement industry.

At Hymark, our actions are guided by an unwavering commitment to achieve Total Quality Performance in exceeding the requirements of our customers.

Total Quality Performance means understanding the customer's requirements and meeting those requirements error-free and on time.

The Hymark emphasis on Quality is apparent from your first encounter with our well-trained associates. By making sure they clearly understand your requirements, our Sales Representatives can answer the questions you may have about specific products and applications or help you to decide which products will most completely and cost-effectively meet your needs.

At Hymark, we work hard to maintain the high level of service our customers require and are proud of our long-standing customer relationships. First-time customers are pleased by the service Hymark offers and returning customers rely on it.


Starting as a family-owned business, thanks to its technical competence and comprehensive know-how in the automation industry along with the high quality standards and the skill in providing solutions that target specific customer needs, over the years Lika Electronic has grown becoming a forward thinking innovative and global company and has become one of the leading manufacturers of optical encoders and magnetic measurement systems in Europe and worldwide.

Many key features include the extensive technical engineering skills , in-depth knowledge and expertise in digital and analogical electronic design as well as the proven daily practice in co-operation with universities, research institutions and customers in order to develop and provide advanced electronic equipment and high-tech materials & devices tailored to specific customer and market requirements. Moreover, software development and mechanical & optical components design are entirely performed within the company. Often production machinery and tools are often engineered and built internally to satisfy specific needs and performances

Every day Lika Electronic is committed to being a step ahead and always at the forefront of innovation, looking to the future with the enthusiasm that steers the company towards new opportunities without giving up the strength of being an international family company.


Lika Electronic is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and is now committed to adopt an environmental management system complying with ISO 14001:2004 requirements. All Lika’s products are designed and manufactured to fully meet the requirements of CE, RoHS and REACH directives, most of them are UL and CSA compliant too. ATEX certified solutions suitable to be integrated into potential explosive environments and hazardous areas are also available.


Do you offer a warranty?
The warranty will vary depending on the product(s) purchased. Most of our products include a 1-year warranty at minimum, however, some of our products carry a full 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
Do you accept returns?
Products (including products covered or asserted to be covered by Hymark’s merchandise warranty program) are not returnable without the consent of the Hymark. Hymark will assign a Returned Good Authorization number for approved returns, which must appear on the Buyer’s shipping container. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Return shipments must be prepaid and shipped in accordance with Hymark’s instructions. Credit may be issued at Hymark’s discretion, less any restocking charges, inspection charges, rework charges, or other charges incurred by Seller to restore returned goods to like new condition. Restocking fees are subject to Hymark’s discretion on a case-by-case basis. Orders placed by Buyer and accepted by Hymark can be canceled only with Hymark’s written consent and may be subject to a cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are subject to Hymark’s discretion.
How do I place an order?
Payment terms may be established upon approval you can download our credit card form for quick orders.
All orders and forms can be emailed to the salesperson that you are working with or they can be faxed to us at 270-683-2500.
Do you offer repair services?
Repairs are handled on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the issue(s) found, we will offer in house repairs or we can offer repair services through Lika Electronic in Italy.