We offer customized encoders for ROBOTIC SYSTEMS, MOTORS, and OEM applications. Download the new brochure.


Converters for Industrial Integration and Communication

Converters are designed to convert the signals at input into another type of signals at the output in order to adapt their characteristics to the ones required by the control machine or the data acquisition system.

Heavy-Duty and Atex Encoders for Harsh and Hazardous Environments

The comprehensive range of heavy-duty and ATEX encoders from Lika Electronic is designed to cope with several and different extreme conditions.

LD3xx Multi-Function Touch Screen Displays

LD350/LD355 and LD360/LD365 multi-function process indicators are designed to interface incremental encoders and sensors and can be used in many operating modes such as position indicators, tachometers and speed indicators, frequency / RPM indicators, process meters, counters, timers, stopwatches, etc.

Encoders Whitepaper

Download our free Whitepaper and get a comprehensive, expanded view of the current trends in encoder design and technology.


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Hymark is the North American arm for Lika Electronic. With a vast and knowledgeable distribution network, we're equipped to serve our customers anywhere at any time.


Lika Electronic has successfully developed solutions for the automation industry since 1982, becoming a leading manufacturer of optical encoders, magnetic measurement systems and positioning units in Europe. Thanks to flexible production, Lika can realize customer specific requirements, focusing attention on performance and functionality. Lika's product range today includes: incremental & absolute encoders; linear & rotary magnetic measurement systems; integrated positioning units; displays & position controllers.

Lika Electronic is certified ISO 9001:2000 compliant and all Lika Electronic products are CE, UL and CSA compliant and fully meet the requirements of RoHS and REACH directives.