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Product Overview (2021)

General product catalog featuring an overview of Lika's full product offering.


Kit encoders for robotics and motor feedback

Displays and Interfaces

Displays and interfaces.

Rotary Actuators and Positioning Units

Dedicated exclusively to our range of intelligent rotary actuators (positioning units) designed to solve any positioning needs.


Flexible and rigid couplings for motion control.


Ethernet and fieldbus encoders and SSI converters.

Linear Encoders

Incremental and absolute linear encoders.

Rotary Encoders

Incremental and absolute rotary encoders, heavy duty, bearingless and feedback.

Programmable Encoders

Fully programmable linear and rotary encoders

Products for the elevator industry

Encoders for the elevator and escalator industries.

Offshore Encoders

Heavy duty encoders for the offshore sectors, such as the oil, gas, and wind industries.

Draw-wire encoders

Draw-wire encoder catalog.

EtherNet/IP Brochure

Rotary and linear encoders with EtherNet/IP interface and EtherNet/IP converter.

EtherCAT Brochure

Rotary and linear encoders with EtherCAT interface and EtherCAT converter.

Profinet Brochure

Absolute encoders with Profinet interface.

Rosetta Space Mission

Lika encoders used in the Rosetta Space Mission. Over 12 years of operation!