RD1A Rotary Actuator Now Equipped with EtherCAT Interface

RD1A rotary actuator implements the EtherCAT interface and performs the Ethernet advanced functions and transmission speed now.

RD1A rotary actuator is the intelligent, flexible solu­tion from Lika Electronic for automated changeover and positioning operations in a variety of industrial sectors. Thanks to its versatility and the great amount of valuable features, it is definitely the smart choice for installation in mold changers, mobile stops, tool changers, filling machines, suction cups motion units, packaging applications, multi-axis systems and any application that requires quick and precise positioning. Today RD1A adds the EtherCAT interface to the fiel­dbus protocols currently implemented: Profibus-DP, CANopen DS301 and Modbus RTU. The EtherCAT interface complies with the ETG.1000 spe­cifications and includes the CAN Application protocol over EtherCAT (CoE) and the EtherCAT State Machine.

The RD1A rotary actuator is able to fulfill the requirements of the modern automation for real-time communication, de­terministic synchronization and high speed. It offers the full set of information and configura­tion parameters: target position, acceleration, deceleration, jog and operational speeds, full sca­ling, preset, jog functions, code sequence, position and velocity readout, diagnostic information, etc. As a further benefit, it inte­grates an RS-232 service port for easy set-up and configuration. All its successful features remain unchanged in order to provide you the same dependability, ac­curate format change and minimum time wasted. The 31 W BLDC brushless motor with planetary gears (T48, T24 and T12 gear ratios) is capable of a nominal torque up to 5 Nm and a starting torque up to 12 Nm. The position measurement is provided by the 20-bit resolution multiturn absolute encoder and is achieved directly at the output of the hollow shaft thus ensuring a high positioning accuracy (±0.9°). Furthermore the encoder is “real multiturn” and does not need any bat­tery or counter. The integrated controller with internal trajectory generator implements the overtemperature, overcurrent, undervoltage and bus communication fai­lure functions. The power supply to the motor and the controller are separated, thus the controller and the bus communication can remain on even if the motor is off. Among the key features are the ex­ternal Preset and Jog buttons to manually move and calibra­te the unit, and the diagnostic LEDs meant to show the operating or fault status of the interface and the device.

RD12A model is also equipped with an integrated electroma­gnetic power off brake (per­manent magnet) capable of a holding torque between 4.8 Nm and 19.2 Nm to safely protect from uncontrolled movements, especially in mobile stops and vertical mounting installations.


Download the RD1A Datasheet