Smart Encoders Now Offered with POWERLINK Interface

Smart Encoders Now Offered with POWERLINK Interface

Lika Electronic introduces a complete range of standard 58 mm encoders with POWERLINK, the Ethernet communication interface. Robust magnetic and high resolution optical versions, singleturn and multiturn resolutions, solid and hollow shaft mechanical designs to solve the most diverse needs.

Due to the ever increasing popularization of Ethernet networks and communication protocols in the modern in­dustrial automation systems, the range of Lika Electronic encoders based on Ethernet technology is growing steadily.

Following the EtherCAT and Profinet versions, the new POWERLINK series complements Lika’s portfolio.

POWERLINK is the standard described in IEC 61158-13 and is based on the Ethernet communication. Nowadays this in­dustrial fieldbus system is universally recognized for its ful­ly open protocol, the very high performance, especially for data exchange in real time and high speed (100 Mbit/s), its reliability and safety for precise synchronization and data transfer and the structure specifically devised for the inte­grated automation. POWERLINK can be also referred to as “CANopen over Ether­net” as it implements the DS301 profile and the standard CANopen objects: integration and even migration are easier and faster. It further guarantees deterministic communica­tion, very short cycle times and ultra-low jitter. Versatility is the key feature of the comprehensive POWER­LINK range.

It is available either in low cost 27-bit resolution mul­titurn EM- series with robust magnetic sensing, or in high resolution singleturn (18 bits) and multiturn (30 bits) H- series with optical sensing for demanding applications. Furthermore, it is designed in a complete selection of me­chanical models: it is possible to choose the solid shaft ver­sion with 6, 8, 9.52, 10 and 12 mm (0.24”, 0.31”, 3/8”, 0.39”, 0.47”) diameter and servo or clamp flange mounting, or the blind hollow shaft version with 14 and 15 mm (0.55”, 0.59”) diameter. The industrial 58 mm flange enclosure provides IP65 protection and allows for work temperatures between -25°C and +85°C (-13°F +185°F). Standard M12 connectors help installation and avoid errors. Straightforward diagno­stics and LEDs bring another advantage. Lika Electronic is a member of the Ethernet Powerlink Stan­dardization Group (EPSG), find more at

Click here to download the datasheet for Absolute Encoders with POWERLINK Interface.


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